Bottom Drawer

99% of my ideas never see the light of day.
Mostly that’s a good thing.
But there are a few bits i’d kill to have made.
Here’s a few from pitches, tissue meeting and existing clients that the universe (or Universal) conspired to stop* for one reason or another.

*for now

Universal said yes. Cancer Research said yes. Despicable Me became Despicable C and raised millions for Cancer Research through an innovative Give to Watch scheme. Great…except Universal never actually returned our calls.

An incredible man with a dream which we came close to helping him realise…

The Times.
How to write your own obituary.
Proved self fulfilling for this script.

Volvo Lifepaint saved lives. So deservedly beat this back into its box. Eventually became our Schwartz idea, hsortlisted in Google’s Innovation Award at Eurobest.

We pitched Paddy Power. They asked us to go far. We went too far.

Up Next:

The Times