Frijj Case Study

FRijj wanted a short-term promotional idea for on-pack. We gave them a long-term idea for everywhere: The FRijj Swamp Soccerettes.
Six East-European cheerleaders who love football played in thick mud – in fact, the thicker, the slower, the better.
The journey begins on-pack but grows online through mobile, bespoke website, personalized videos, Facebook and blogs dedicated to the mud-loving girls. It culminates with the chance for every FRijj drinker to win the Swamp Soccerettes cheering their own team at our real-life event, the 2010 Frijj Swamp Soccer World Cup.
At the centre of the promotion is a first-to-market, augmented reality piece. No fiddly downloads, just point the bottle at your webcam and watch a mini Swamp Soccerette emerge from inside to dance her muddy cheers on your desk.

Case Study / Grey London

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